Since 1982

With many years of experience in silk flowers, this is my first web shop. You will receive the arrangement and vase shown in the picture. After payment of the order, your purchase will be delivered free of charge within the Netherlands. Foreign shipping costs will be advised.

Silk Flowers of the highest quality

This first series of unique flower arrangements have all been personally composed and the silk flowers are hardly distinguishable from real flowers.

The tulip vase

The two-part tulip vase can be used in different ways, as the pictures show. Other than with the silk tulip, you can yourself fill them with other - silk or natural - flowers such as roses and other garden flowers.

The advantages of silk flowers

Realize that one average bunch of fresh flowers will cost you around € 25. Or that the simplest tulips will easily cost € 5 for a small bunch and 5 of these bunches fill your weekly vase.

Comparing that to the price of an arrangement of silk flowers, you will earn its cost back in six to eight weeks. Without the hassle of changing smelly water and putting slimy stems into your bin.

As long as my stock allows this, I will continue offering various arrangements of different flowers in this web shop but going forward I will be focusing especially on tulips and tulip vases.

Arrangements made to order

In addition to the silk flower arrangements offered on this web shop, you can of course still order arrangements of your own choice. Please contact me directly.

Do not hesitate to email or call me with your questions!